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October 2014

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      25 Mar

    This was a triumph. I'm making a note here: HUGE SUCCESS. It's hard to overstate my satisfaction.

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      27 Jan

    Three college shootings this week. An outraged Wayne LaPierre demands tighter restrictions on colleges.

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Desperaux's Sad Grievances and Astounding Tales of Pe...

Interfaith 25 Sep 2014
You never know.  Maybe she will.  At the very least, you would have honestly answered a question that was put to you. With all the scripture you offload into the forums, frankly I'm surprised that you're turning down an opportunity to offload some to someone who actually asked for it....
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Why I believe

Jesus Talk 29 Sep 2014
In view of the emphasis on certain beliefs which are nor shared by many Christians, I wish to start a post of what I believe and why.  Part  of this appeared in another Christian forum.     I believe God exists.   This is the belief of most humans. There are aspects of li...
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Scotland Decides

World News & Opinions 18 Sep 2014
After months of campaigning, Scotland's independence referendum is finally here. With 97% of eligible voters registered for the poll, over 4 million voters are expected to turn out to answer the question "Should Scotland be an independent country?". The future of Scotland, and the United Kingdom,...
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1 In 4 Americans Thinks The Sun Goes Around The Earth, Su...

Cool Science 14 Feb 2014
Okay.   This is a little tough to swallow, and more than a little scary.   Twenty-six percent in a survey of 2,200 Americans, conducted in 2012, answered that the Sun revolves around the Earth, and fewer than half correctly answered a question about human origins.   Read this:...
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Gun News

U.S. Domestic Affairs 07 Jun 2014
Okay folks, you asked for it, here it is.   Please feel free to contribute your thoughts, ideas, ammo or whatever strikes your fancy.   Let's begin, shall we?  Friday June 6, 2014:   A sheriff's deputy was wounded after a local madman stormed the Forsyth County courthouse near...
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"Catholicism for Dummies"... (and book-burning)

Jesus Talk 06 Sep 2014
I've started reading Catholicism for Dummies, figuring that by the time I'm done with it, I'll know if returning to RCism makes sense for me, or if I am more of a Protestant--or even an Eastern Orthodox--Christian at heart.   My backstory is that I was sort of raised in the RC faith.......
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Ferguson Mo.

Hot Button Issues 18 Aug 2014
The main topic in the news this past week has been the killing of an unarmed black youth by police in Ferguson, Mo.   Has nobody seen this? Does nobody care about it? Would you much rather discuss giving guns to elderly insane people?   What's your view of the situation? A police office...
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Bush43 Gave Iraq to Iran and General Suleimani now holds...

World News & Opinions 26 Jun 2014
General Qassim Suleimani is a top Iranian general. He is also in Baghdad organizing Iraq's response to ISIS/ISIL, similar to his role in Damascus the last couple of years against the same military opponent. George Bush broke Iraq and now Iran is taking it off our hands, 15,000 Sunni bandits and t...
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Atheist 'Sunday Assembly' Attendence Growing Expo...

Interfaith 11 Nov 2013
This is a new one on me: http://news.yahoo.co...-214619648.html. I'm curious to know members' reactions to this news.     DS
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Why does Fox News keep screaming about a Holy War?

U.S. Domestic Affairs 28 Aug 2014
Does this mean the war on Christmas has been cancelled?
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