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      20 Jun

    Did I really find this place 15 years ago? Or does it feel like its been that long since I posted..

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      24 May

    New firewall in office. Content filter blocking foolmoon as porn. Go figure.

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      20 Jul

    I don't do Donald Trump jokes. For one thing, it's too easy, but the main reason is it seldom works to do a joke on a joke.

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Whose Religion Is Right?

Interfaith 24 Dec 2014
I was wondering if we could discuss which religion is the "right" one, they all can't be right, and it would be terrible for people to go to hell, because they were deceived.  So for myself and others, could we discuss what religion we think is right and why.   I am pentecostal/Charisma...
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Truck Attack in France

War on Terror 14 Jul 2016
Numerous news agencies are reporting on an alleged terror attack in Nice, France. Reports of 30-60 dead and 100+ wounded. Most of the carnage was caused by a man who drove a truck into a crowd at 60-70 kph.
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Burkini Ban in France

World News & Opinions A day ago
In response to the terror attack that took place in Nice on Bastille Day, the city of Nice has placed a ban on "any person wearing improper clothes that are not respectful of good morals and secularism" from using the beaches. It is popularly known as the Burkini Ban, and it is spreading througho...
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Texas Passes Open Carry of Handguns

U.S. Domestic Affairs 06 Jan 2016
As of 1-1-16, it is legal in Texas for licensed people openly carry a handgun. I haven't seen it in person, yet. The general consensus I'm getting from the gun owning Texans I know is this, The law is good to have as an option. The law protects people who are licensed to carry from legal issues...
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Jesus Talk 05 Jun 2006
This is from a bible study we have had at the churchTom passed out this out line to us !WATER BAPTISMAN OLD TESTAMENT ORDINANCE OF THE LAW" Wherefore, my brethren, ye also are become dead to the  law by the body of Christ; that ye should be married to another, even to him  who...
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Were the Reformers right ?

Jesus Talk 2 weeks ago
Our Comparative Religion class has started studying the Reformers. It was concluded that Martin Luther try to reform the church because of the corruption within the church. Religious buildings occupied  such large amount of land they made the Church corrupt. They owned 10% of England. Marin...
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2nd cousins dating ... acceptable or weird?

Relationships 10 Sep 2005
I am looking for unbiased opinions. I recently connected with a 2nd cousin who I grew up with from birth to 9 years old. My cousin moved away and then we didn't see each other again until 16, then again at 25, and now at 30. There was an attraction there that baffled me, and he admitted to feelin...
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Mouse Vibrator?

Computer Tips 21 Mar 2005
Yes I said, "Mouse Vibrator"!  I'm looking for a cheap little gadget SOMEBODY must make....and if nobody makes it ....Somebody sure should.I'm looking for a tiny little battery driven gadget that clips over the mouse cord - just ahead of the mouse. Every 5 - 10 minutes or so, the device...
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Republicans Will Cover Up Anything: Romney's Fatal Ca...

U.S. Domestic Affairs 09 Jul 2016
Mary Jo Kopechne and Leola Anderson. Chappaquiddick, Massachusetts on July 18, 1969. The road between Bazas and Bernos-Beaulac, France on June 16, 1968. The sites of two tragic deaths with major American presidential candidates driving the cars conveying the victims.   Bad driving, a car w...
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Bush43 Gave Iraq to Iran and General Suleimani now holds...

World News & Opinions 26 Jun 2014
General Qassim Suleimani is a top Iranian general. He is also in Baghdad organizing Iraq's response to ISIS/ISIL, similar to his role in Damascus the last couple of years against the same military opponent. George Bush broke Iraq and now Iran is taking it off our hands, 15,000 Sunni bandits and t...
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