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      24 May

    New firewall in office. Content filter blocking foolmoon as porn. Go figure.

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      20 Jul

    I don't do Donald Trump jokes. For one thing, it's too easy, but the main reason is it seldom works to do a joke on a joke.

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Bush43 Gave Iraq to Iran and General Suleimani now holds...

World News & Opinions 26 Jun 2014
General Qassim Suleimani is a top Iranian general. He is also in Baghdad organizing Iraq's response to ISIS/ISIL, similar to his role in Damascus the last couple of years against the same military opponent. George Bush broke Iraq and now Iran is taking it off our hands, 15,000 Sunni bandits and t...
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Gun News

U.S. Domestic Affairs 07 Jun 2014
Okay folks, you asked for it, here it is.   Please feel free to contribute your thoughts, ideas, ammo or whatever strikes your fancy.   Let's begin, shall we?  Friday June 6, 2014:   A sheriff's deputy was wounded after a local madman stormed the Forsyth County courthouse near...
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The Earth 06 Feb 2016
Hugelkultur is basically a gardening technique where a trench is dug and filled with logs, branches and sticks. That trench is then covered with soil and/or compost. There are variants where no trench is dug, and tree parts in various stages of decomposition are used. Some people layer it in like...
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Jesus Talk 3 days ago
May be this will help in understandingHow the bible is for us but not to us all the time............http://www.enjoytheb....org/time-past/
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How would you talk to a person on /of GOD

Jesus Talk A week ago
How would you talk to a person whom does not believe in GOD ?I believe if we all try to do this , a little from you and a littlefrom some one else will add together and make the personstart to believe.....But ! You have got to do it "easy" So they will want tolisten to you , and not tell you [ ge...
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Jesus Talk 25 Feb 2016
Since my husband and I moved in with our son last year ! We now live over a hours drive from thechurch ! And with how high the gas price we did not go much at all.My husband passed away and we have not gone but one time.........I sure do miss going ! But that is part of our lifeMy son has a long...
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Pascal's Wager

Interfaith 06 Dec 2003
"Pascal's Wager" is an argument formulated by 17th Century mathematician Blaise Pascal, in which he makes the attempt to justify the belief in God--the question is this: Which is worth the risk of error, belief or nonbelief? Apparently there has been much discussion about this "wager", and I'm ju...
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Is Christianity a Religion?

Jesus Talk 08 Apr 2015
Is Christianity a Religion? There's an idea, been going around for a while, that Christianity is not a religion. The jist of it is that Christianity is a faith and personal relationship with God through Jesus. Religions are essentially manmade perversions of God's teachings. On a few sites to...
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Cat nearly bricked my phone

Computer Tips A week ago
I connected my Galaxy S5 to the computer and was downloading/installing the new 'Marshmellow' android update.   All going well, download complete (1.5GB!) and the update transfer to the phone was nearly complete.   94%...95%...   My cat (Gatsita) was in her customary position betwe...
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Richard III Reburied

World News & Opinions 22 Mar 2015
On 22nd August 1485, the Battle of Bosworth Field was fought. It was the final major battle of the War of the Roses and shaped the future of England. King Rchard III, the last of the Plantagent kings, was killed in battle. He was the last English king to die in battle, and his death brought and e...
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