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April 2014

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      25 Mar

    This was a triumph. I'm making a note here: HUGE SUCCESS. It's hard to overstate my satisfaction.

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      27 Jan

    Three college shootings this week. An outraged Wayne LaPierre demands tighter restrictions on colleges.

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Pray for our son

Jesus Talk 08 Feb 2014
Our son Teno  used to come here.   He is a Baptist, we are just bible believers .   He is a good worker, but for some reason ? got fired from his job .   They said because he was  late to work.   And this is ridicules, because all his life he has be out standing...
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Rapture ? The end - Last days ?

Jesus Talk 08 Apr 2014
I know it is not called the rapture in the bible........I know the bible tells us we will not know when !But there must be some help to give us a near time ?I hear so many people talking of we are now in the last day's.What is your idea on this ?
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The Weather !

The Earth 13 Apr 2014
I never have seen a night like we just had.We had hail and it looked like we had snow all over.We had thunder and wind!The temperature was not that cold.We lost electricity , I watched a movie and missed watching the end.But , it came back for a while, not long !And we did not have any electricit...
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Respect Christians

Jesus Talk 14 Apr 2014
The Melbourne Comedy Festival  d holding an event. "come Heckle Christ" .where  people are encouraged to hurl abuse at a figure portraying the character of Jesus Christ. Are Christians are a soft target because we will turn the other check? I am disappointed that leading up to Easter, o...
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The 2016 Presidential Elections

U.S. Domestic Affairs 24 Jan 2014
It seems at this early date that Hillary Clinton will be the Democrat's choice for President in 2016. Just for discussion's sake, let's hypothesize that Hillary Clinton will not be the candidate. Who do you think the Democrats will run, and who will the Republicans run? Why?
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Australia sign a free trade agreedment with Japan

World News & Opinions 08 Apr 2014
Today sign a trade agreement with Japan. It as not completely free but we got Japan to reduce the tarrif on Frozen Beef to 19%. This will give us an advantage over the USA. We have also allow Japanese cars and electronics to come here free. We are now negotiating trade treaties with Korea and Chi...
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Westboro Baptist Will Find Justification To Continue, Pas...

Interfaith 17 Mar 2014
The church's controversial founder, Rev. Fred Phelps Sr., is "on the edge of death," his son says. The pastor's death, he adds, would bring a crisis to his followers, who see death as God's judgment.   All *I* can say about it is ..."and don't let the door hit you in the butt on your way out...
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Simple Blood Test To Spot Early Lung Cancer Getting Closer

Cool Science 06 Apr 2014
Several scientific teams are developing sensitive tests for tumor DNA that, when perfected, could be used to diagnose cancer earlier, and more closely monitor the response to treatment. View the full article
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The arsonist of the heart.

Christian Books, Films, TV, and Music 07 Apr 2014
This is part of an article in the Catholic Magazine  The Far East.   The resurrection of Christ challenges us to new life-to believe, precisely, that there are surprises hidden at the heart of death: that every scream, tear and cry is redeemed, and that God's laughter is stronger than d...
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Understanding Right Wingers: Jordan Belfort's SLIPS a...

U.S. Domestic Affairs 05 Jan 2014
Here's SLIPS: the Straight Line Persuasion System. SLIPS was perfected in the 1990s to the tune of national headlines and $500,000,000 in swag. Even when SLIPS is copied out to third and fourth generation clones, the basic tool box remains a potent weapon for manipulation. The RWNJ politi...
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