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      25 Mar

    This was a triumph. I'm making a note here: HUGE SUCCESS. It's hard to overstate my satisfaction.

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      27 Jan

    Three college shootings this week. An outraged Wayne LaPierre demands tighter restrictions on colleges.

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If I ruled the world.....

Secular Oasis 13 Apr 2005
A while back I asked people to describe specific changes they would make in our world to produce their vision of Utopia. Many misunderstood, and eagerly offered up brilliant ideas on how the weather always would be perfect through magic, and we could all eat candy for breakfast on the moon, and f...
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Ferguson Mo.

Hot Button Issues 18 Aug 2014
The main topic in the news this past week has been the killing of an unarmed black youth by police in Ferguson, Mo.   Has nobody seen this? Does nobody care about it? Would you much rather discuss giving guns to elderly insane people?   What's your view of the situation? A police office...
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Neighbor's trash. What the heck!?!

Town Dump 18 Nov 2014
The other morning, I watched one of my neighbors going through our 'next door' neighbor's trash? She picked through his trash, read his mail and she grabbed few items. She closed the garbage bag, and then hurried back to her house. What the heck!?! This woman always seemed a little sketchy to me....
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Dax and Helice - wow

The Earth Today, 10:34 AM
Hello Dax and Helice ,I do pray you two are doing all right ?It sounds like you are snowed in for a while !Not nice so early in the season ..................
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Gun News

U.S. Domestic Affairs 07 Jun 2014
Okay folks, you asked for it, here it is.   Please feel free to contribute your thoughts, ideas, ammo or whatever strikes your fancy.   Let's begin, shall we?  Friday June 6, 2014:   A sheriff's deputy was wounded after a local madman stormed the Forsyth County courthouse near...
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How do you Solve a Problem like Ched Evans?

World News & Opinions 17 Nov 2014
You probably haven't heard of Ched Evans. If you have, you probably hadn't until a couple of years ago. Evans was a striker for League One (two divisions below the Premier League) football team Sheffield United. That was until he raped a 19 year old woman. The woman was having consensual sex with...
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For theLost

Jesus Talk 12 Nov 2014
Cor. 4:3But if our gospel be hid, it is hid to them that are lost:4In whom the god of this world hath blinded the minds of them which believe not, lest the light of the glorious gospel of Christ, who is the image of God, should shine unto them.I had never given that a thought !Years ago I was los...
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Good child, Bad child? Children that Kill.

Town Dump 19 Aug 2013
What causes good children to kill? If it’s the environment, then how do we explain the kids who are abused and neglected and bullied from a 'very young age' and don't become killers? If a child does not have any discipline or teaching of what is good and what is bad, will they become killers? Doe...
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Health Matters 05 Nov 2014
I do not know when , or how long it will take !But we are going to sell our condo and move .Our son and wonderful daughter in law , have asked us tocome move in with them .They are the ones with 8 children !They also are the only ones living here in Mich.Our other children live in different State...
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Britain First and the Problem of Click Bait

World News & Opinions 11 Nov 2014
It happens very often - you'll see a post on social media (particularly Facebook but I guess on other platforms as well) that tugs on your heart strings. The post is generally of this formula: a moving picture, a text that is hard to disagree with, and the words "Share if you agree". One particul...
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