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      20 Jul

    I don't do Donald Trump jokes. For one thing, it's too easy, but the main reason is it seldom works to do a joke on a joke.

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      26 Feb

    Ooooh. What's this new doohickey?

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Jesus Talk 25 Feb 2016
Since my husband and I moved in with our son last year ! We now live over a hours drive from thechurch ! And with how high the gas price we did not go much at all.My husband passed away and we have not gone but one time.........I sure do miss going ! But that is part of our lifeMy son has a long...
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Bush43 Gave Iraq to Iran and General Suleimani now holds...

World News & Opinions 26 Jun 2014
General Qassim Suleimani is a top Iranian general. He is also in Baghdad organizing Iraq's response to ISIS/ISIL, similar to his role in Damascus the last couple of years against the same military opponent. George Bush broke Iraq and now Iran is taking it off our hands, 15,000 Sunni bandits and t...
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Keep on Reigning

World News & Opinions 08 Sep 2015
Today, Queen Elizabeth II equalled the record set by Queen Victoria for the longest reigning British monarch, at 63 years, 7 months and 2 days. Unless something dramatic happens in the next 12 hours or so, she'll hold the record alone. It's been a rocky 63 years. There have been ups and downs, mo...
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Donald Trump and Angela Merkel on Policy. The U.S. GOP...

U.S. Domestic Affairs 20 Jul 2015
Over the weekend CNN covered a Trump tirade up at his digs in Laconia, New Hampshire that hit both the Establishment pols and the Koch-owned Birchers right in the gut:   "They're all talk, they're no action," Trump said, revving up his fiery takedown of politicians. "I'm more disappointed in...
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Hillary or Bernie?

U.S. Domestic Affairs 12 Aug 2015
I'm still feeling Hillary for the nod, but Bernie is picking up some numbers.
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The Earth 06 Feb 2016
Hugelkultur is basically a gardening technique where a trench is dug and filled with logs, branches and sticks. That trench is then covered with soil and/or compost. There are variants where no trench is dug, and tree parts in various stages of decomposition are used. Some people layer it in like...
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Hundreds Dead, Thousands Homeless After Quake In Ecuador

World News & Opinions A week ago
The 7.8 magnitude quake that struck the nation on Saturday has left more than 350 people dead. Buildings and roads up and down the country's Pacific coast have been destroyed.        Thousands are homeless, and highways, air traffic control towers and buildings along the coas...
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computer mix up ?

Computer Tips A week ago
When we moved , we tried to keep the same Co. ! ?Well we were told it is not out here , so we had to sigh up for anothercompany ....... OK ! that worked ......... in fact we were able tostill use the old one and the new one........That went on for close to a year....Now all of sudden I can not ev...
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How do you Solve a Problem like Ched Evans?

World News & Opinions 17 Nov 2014
You probably haven't heard of Ched Evans. If you have, you probably hadn't until a couple of years ago. Evans was a striker for League One (two divisions below the Premier League) football team Sheffield United. That was until he raped a 19 year old woman. The woman was having consensual sex with...
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At What Age Should You Lose Your Virginity?

Relationships 17 Nov 2007
What age do most guys lose their virginity?  Is it similar or different then that of ladies?I lost mine when I was 15.Now that I think back on it, I wish I had waited instead of listening to this person who had me give it up to him.
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