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February 2015

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      30 Jan

    I woke up from a nap, looked at Facebook and the first five new posts I read I had no clue what .the posters were talking about or promoting or throwing back to. So in two hours--instant geezerhood.

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      14 Jan

    Happy Birthday to Dax!

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Gun News

U.S. Domestic Affairs 07 Jun 2014
Okay folks, you asked for it, here it is.   Please feel free to contribute your thoughts, ideas, ammo or whatever strikes your fancy.   Let's begin, shall we?  Friday June 6, 2014:   A sheriff's deputy was wounded after a local madman stormed the Forsyth County courthouse near...
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Holocaust Survivors Mark 70th Anniversary Of Auschwitz...

World News & Opinions 27 Jan 2015
Holocaust survivors gathered along with several world leaders today to mark the 70th anniversary of the liberation by the Soviet Red Army of the Auschwitz-Birkenau camp in Poland where more than 1 million people, mostly Jews, were killed. About 300 survivors of the Nazi camp are attending th...
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Super Bowl XLIX

Sports Talk 20 Jan 2015
On Sunday, thanks to about 8 minutes of excellent play (following about 55 minutes of total garbage, during which I wrote them off about 20 times) and remarkable amounts to ridiculous collapsing by their opponents, the Seattle Seahawks advanced to Super Biwl XLIX after beating the Green Bay Packe...
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Portugal To Offer Citizenship To Descendants Of Expelled...

World News & Opinions 29 Jan 2015
Portugal's Jews were expelled, burned at the stake or forcibly converted to Christianity 500 years ago. The government wants says it wants to right a wrong. Spain approved a similar law last year.   View the full article
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Health Matters 05 Nov 2014
I do not know when , or how long it will take !But we are going to sell our condo and move .Our son and wonderful daughter in law , have asked us tocome move in with them .They are the ones with 8 children !They also are the only ones living here in Mich.Our other children live in different State...
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Configuring Virtual Hosts on Apache

Computer Tips 29 Jan 2015
So to tinker around with websites and web servers a bit, I've installed Apache 2.2 on an old Windows 2003 server I had collecting dust. I was going to run IIS on it since it's more familiar to me than Apache is, but I couldn't find a 2003 Standard disk to install the IIS component so I went with...
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Ann Coulter Is A Fake (#anncoulterisafake)

U.S. Domestic Affairs 24 Jan 2013
I am of the firm and sincere belief that Ann Coulter does not believe 99% of the things she says. I believe she is taking Fox News money, and stealing from the Conservatives who buy her books, while laughing at them behind their backs. She makes a cushy living spouting absolute nonsense like Joe...
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Bumpertics. Political Bumper Stickers.

Town Dump 12 Jan 2015
"I'm not racist. I don't like Biden either."
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Pope Francis Says Catholics Don't Need To Breed '...

Jesus Talk 20 Jan 2015
On his return from a weeklong trip to Asia, Pope Francis emphasized the church's ban on artificial means of birth control and said Catholics should practice "responsible parenthood." View the full article
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Sweden Recognizes Palestine, Drawing Sharp Israeli Criticism

World News & Opinions 30 Oct 2014
Israel's foreign minister says diplomacy is "more complicated than ... furniture from Ikea." His Swedish counterpart responds that diplomacy, like Ikea furniture, needs "a partner ... [and] a manual."   Sweden today recognized Palestine, just weeks after incoming Prime Minister Stefan Lofven...
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