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      20 Jun

    Did I really find this place 15 years ago? Or does it feel like its been that long since I posted..

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      08 Dec

    I have recently retired and enjoying retirement.

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      20 Jul

    I don't do Donald Trump jokes. For one thing, it's too easy, but the main reason is it seldom works to do a joke on a joke.

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The Sieges of Aleppo and Mosul with Later Coverage of the...

World News & Opinions 14 Oct 2016
The Battles of Aleppo and Mosul are underway in the fall of 2016 as sieges with tens of thousands of regular military and militia soldiers surrounding areas controlled by a few thousand Jihadi fighters at each site. Civilian casualties are mounting. East Aleppo may have 200,000 civilians caught i...
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Did Donald Trump Stop Using that Carry Loss from 1995 Whe...

U.S. Domestic Affairs 22 Jan 2017
Moving on from Mr. Trump's likely failure to repay federal and state income taxes dated 1995-2003, we get to FY2004 and the possibility that Mr. Trump continued to use that nulled carry loss from 1995 AFTER the 2004 bankruptcy.   Plainly, testing this possibility can be done in minutes by ou...
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Why do you not believe ?

Interfaith 14 May 2015
I just wonder why any one would not believe in GOD?Specially when your told you have a choice ? Hello or Heaven ?Do you not even have a slight doubt ?
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Why Did Jesus Perform Miracles?

Jesus Talk 12 Sep 2007
Most of us believe that Jesus performed miracles, and a lot of them. But why did He perform them? I think it was to authenticate who He was. He did not expect the people of his time to just believe who He was without showing them. He shows us today via natural revelation and a lot of other ways....
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Happy Christmas

Jesus Talk 23 Dec 2016
Happy Christmas to al on foolmoon and a Holy Christmas to those of my faith.
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2nd cousins dating ... acceptable or weird?

Relationships 10 Sep 2005
I am looking for unbiased opinions. I recently connected with a 2nd cousin who I grew up with from birth to 9 years old. My cousin moved away and then we didn't see each other again until 16, then again at 25, and now at 30. There was an attraction there that baffled me, and he admitted to feelin...
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SUGAR is bad for you

Health Matters 13 Oct 2015
Sugar is  very bad for you !   Start reading on package foods , sugar is listed in  about every one of them.......   Even if you buy organic sugar it is not  good for you.   Your body will not like it at some part in you life............  Some thing or thin...
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Unsticking The Pages Of A Book

Cool Science 27 Sep 2007
I just bought a soil test kit and it came with a book. The pages are all stuck together. The book is like a piece of rigid but brittle cardboard. What happened is the display these kits were on was in direct sun light and they got wet. The reagents should be OK because they are sealed in foil and...
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Growing Strawberries

The Earth 19 Jan 2015
Anyone ever grow strawberries? Seems the ins and outs, and varieties vary by location, but have you grown them? I'm in north Texas.   We have a patch at work. With nothing more than watering them, when someone thinks about it, we've managed to have handfuls of sweet juicy berries, and they'v...
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My Family :)

Relationships 27 Apr 2012
I had recently posted my husband was in the hospital for a few days.Then he was in rehab for 2 weeks and then he had a few weeks of a nurse and a therapist coming to the house.The big news today is my husband is going to drive us toour son's home were it takes about an hour to drive, or maybe a l...
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