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The Next Prime Minister

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#16 jackdiddley


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Posted 06 August 2016 - 08:08 AM

Jack tells us not to believe in class warfare. Banks vs. the U.K. working class -- impossible.

I never said anything of the kind. Don't put words in my mouth, thank you.

What I said was that "Brussels serving as a tool of the big banks" was not a particular issue during the referendum. It was not. The major points were immigration, the cost of being a member of the EU and taking back control of our laws.

Here is a typical meme spread by Leave campaigners :


That is not to say big banks are not pretty much despised in this country. Witness the outrage whenever the CEOs and directors of the big banks give themselves huge bonuses each year. They just weren't a big issue during the EU referendum.

#17 GelyaHum



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Posted 3 weeks ago

considering that about half the nation took "Loose Change" seriously, which was roughly 98 crap, why not?

#18 aus


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Posted 2 weeks ago

In Australia as well as Britain the Banks are despised. They lend money at high interest and give low interests to depositors. In Australia the 4 main banks have a monopoly . This might seem like class warfare to Americans but it is a reality in these countries .Whether your New Prime minister May can do anything about this is doubtful. Even Labour although led by a Socialist has had problem in controlling the banks.

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