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UK Mid-Terms (Kind of)

Posted by jackdiddley , 04 May 2013 · 2,387 views

We don't really have mid-term elections, per se, but through-out a five year government there are periodical elections for local councils. On Thursday, we had many of these local elections.

The big winners, again, seem to have been UKIP. They have gained 139 council seats across the country, moving from just 8 on Wednesday to 147 now. However, they still don't control any councils, and still don't have any MPs. On the face of it, the Conservatives were the biggest losers, losing 335 seats and control of 10 councils. But they still have 1116 of the council seats up for grabs (Labour, in second, came away with 538). 8 of the councils lost by the Tories went to "no overall control".

Labour gained 2 councils and 291 seats. They also held on to South Shields in a by-election (for a seat in Parliament). Naturally, they are saying it was a good night for them, and it undoubtedly was. However, they will be disappointed not to have done even better, especially as they have lost council seats to UKIP themselves. The Liberal Democrats lost 124 council seats in what was another disastrous night.

Just like after the Eastleigh by-election (see my last blog post), my biggest fear is that UKIP are going to split the Tory vote at the general election in 2015. If they do, Labour could get back into power by the back door, which would be a disaster for the country, given that their plan leader doesn't seem to know his own policies. The time for the Conservatives to learn and act is now. They didn't after Eastleigh. If they don't know, they may not get another chance.

it is good the UK has reduce the frequency of Elections. Here in Australia we still have elections every two or three years. Half the Senate is  and the Lower house elected every three years. But we can have by elections for both houses anytime. With the constant changes of leadership , this often results in members resigning and more by elections. This is just the Federal Parliament. We also have State Parliaments and council elections. While this means we can get rid of an unpopular government quickly  it is hard to have stable government when a new party gets elected every few years with a platform of reversing the main policies of the previous government. This is happening at present with the Liberals replacing Labor. Long turn policies like Climate Change measure, Broadband communications and  other infrastructure are hard to implement in this atmosphere. Although I am glad that we can get rid of the resent government in 2 years, I wonder if this is good.

The Labor Party is now even having an election for the party leader who will become Opposition leader. A new voting system involving members might ensure he last until the next election

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