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You Multi Faced Bitch.

Posted by MamaJean , 28 January 2013 · 4,826 views

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Yeah. That's me. Or, is it??

I was discussing appearances with my son. Many THINK they reveal who they are to everyone, but in reality we all are multi faced. Different people and different situations bring out one or more of those OTHER people.

I have groups of friends. Some are bookish. Some like to party hard. Some, well.....some are just 'lunchy'.

I sure as hell don't act the same with the bookish and the 'go to the bar and check out some biker's tattoos' friends. That could be devastating and get my ass kicked out of book club.


So, I bet all of us are two-faced, or MORE. Don't deny it!

It is actually kinda fun to slowly reveal to a friend the ENTIRE me. And usually, they give you an odd look and say......"you???"

Yes, underneath I am still who I am. My values are solid. But I have to decide what I show to who. It matters. I like them for who they are.

One of THEIR multi-faces appeals to me. I wouldn't want to sabotage that.

I don't introduce myself with my life story, but people who know me day to day know pretty much what I'm into. Especially if I find out they're into the same thing. Then, them and anyone in ear shot will know.

I think when you start writing you do reveal yourself. At least when you write your own book or article you can censor some things. But I find people want all the fact even embarrrasing and inamate facts.

People reveal more of themselves when they write fiction than when they write biography.

Some people should not reveal anything about themselves like for example these loutish people who go on daytime talk shows and reveal every pathetic aspect about their relationships with their spouse or girlfriend. I know a lot of it is designed to bring out the perverted viewer, but honestly some of these folks should  go crawl under a big heavy rock and stay there. Who cares if they have been having sex with their sister's husband in his storage unit while the kids were waiting in the van? I don't care and anyone who does needs to see a shrink.


And do people really always reveal who they actually are online? I know of several cases where someone communicated for months in  an online relationship and when they finally met in person the relationship only lasted a few weeks or in one case one day. The person online usually did not match the real thing.


Several years ago I was in a creative writing class and there were a couple of people in the class who usually wrote very personal things about themselves in poetry form usually but sometimes in short story form and about a relationship they had been in or were currently in. Too much personal info was just that-- too much info especially with them sitting there in the room. It made me uncomfortable to learn all the details of someone's love life. Maybe if it was dome anonymously it would have been ok...sort of.

Nov 19 2013 08:28 AM
As a young girl I moved a lot and therefore went to many schools. I learned too adjust by being multifaced! I think it's a great trait to have.

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