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You Don't Realize How Wrong A Song Is....

Posted by MamaJean , 23 January 2013 · 2,909 views

......until your 4 year old begins singing it.

Songs on the radio sound normal. Fun. Acceptable. Until HE sings it in the back seat.

Try it. Think of your favorite rock/pop song. Now picture hearing it coming out of a small child.


My little guys FAVORITE is one by the Black Eyed Peas 'I've got a feelin'....not TOO bad, and he doesn't know the words of the questionable areas....but I had to find a clean version of "Boom boom Pow"....Yeah. look THAT one up.

I haven't listened to Areosmith in an Looooong time. I'm having withdrawals.

Guess I could get out some more tame stuff.....like Edie Brickell or others with twisted poetic lyrics. Queen is generally safe. Just not Queensryche .....  ;)

Then he'll sound acceptable.....and I won't have to worry......right?

ZZ Top is another one.

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