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We are DOOMED. The world MUST be ending.

Posted by MamaJean , 04 January 2014 · 2,664 views

Attached Image: hudreds.jpg

I was sitting around watching TV during the holidays and all the usual junk was on. I thought I saw this add, and noted a spelling error. Then, of course, I was like, "nah, must be the wine talking...."

Nope. A friend recently snapped a photo of this beauty.

We are DOOMED.

There is no way our society will survive if our so called "intellegent" members can't even recognize a simple spelling error such as this.

Their elementary school teachers must be so proud!  

I know you are trying to be funny but in case someone takes this seriously may I point out the correct spelling belongs a section of the human population born in the years where letter writing was common. It was no come even in the nineteenth century where most people could not read and write.


It will not be common in this century where people no longer write letters but use e mail with spell check. I am relived as I can't spell

Correct spelling makes communication possible.  Those who feel that spelling is unimportant are generally those who don't communicate well.  I think that you will still be able to find a significant segment of the current population who are intelligent enough to proofread their writings before releasing them to the public in order to avoid embarrassment.


At least those who bother to use their spell-check functions produce readable and recognizable text, whereas those who don't bother are virtually incomprehensible.


I agree with the opening post -- the spelling mistake in this advertisement boasting of "HUDREDS" of items reeks of stupidity and fecklessness.  And laziness.

If we just used emoticons this would all be moot.  Seems to be working for the Chinese.

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