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Freethinkers Beware!

Posted by MamaJean , 17 December 2013 · 1,577 views

Let us medicate the masses! Suppress thinkers.


Because if you step outside the box, they will stick a needle in you, stuff a pill down your throat, or something even better.....

ODD- (how fitting an acronym??)

What would have become of our most famous inventors, composers, artists and creators? What would we have, and what will we have if this is now the norm?

Are we all expected to conform? To follow along? What in the world...... ahhhhh I got it.

More medication. Soon we will be zombies who keep paying through the nose for useless medications instead of simple solutions, dabbling with creativity and making decisions for ourselves......and funding the Richy Rich's of the world.

Just Fabulous.

Hey. Keep Creating. Don't conform. Be a Free Thinker. Just don't let them find out. Or cheek the pills. ;)

A bit off topic, but actually on.......Should this actually be listed as a disorder????

Internet Gaming Disorder

This is an addiction to something. It could be a casino, playing canasta, or watching TV. If it triggers the addictive part of the brain, it is an addiction. If this deserves a name, then so does those who are Star Wars, Star Trek and other fanatics. Please.

You nonconformist you!  I was called that a lot as a child, as if it were a very bad thing.  How ODD...


If I remember correctly, all addictions are related.  That is, if there is a predisposition for one then it could apply to all.  I think DSM is getting a little hyperspecific.  I wonder if it is the insurance companies driving it.

Dec 19 2013 07:27 AM

I was discussing recently the enmity that exists between Americans and the French (think freedom fries and cheese-eating surrender monkeys!)


The French have always valued intellectualism and free thought.  I remember the outrage that accompanied their refusal to support GWB in his 'freedom war'.  The English also have a tradition of non-conformism that has sadly faded of late.

This all does go hand in hand...
We don't let kids get exercise in school anymore, which creates two problems- hyperactivity and obesity.
Both of which can be treated with...MEDS!! 
In 1998 there were 17 boys in my sons first grade classroom. 15 out of those 17 boys parents were called in 

for a "meeting".  The meeting was about how our sons were so "out of sorts" that we must put them on Ritalin.

15 out of 17 boys...I did not medicate my son and was told that I was a neglectful parent. They compared me

to a mom that had a diabetic son and refused to put him on insulin. That was the last thing they said to me regarding

Ritalin. I may have shown how out of sorts a person can really become ;-)  The insulin comment insulted my

intelligence in a way that has yet been duplicated.

Ibelieve that we have elimanted childhood from children's lives. 
They need to run and play, they shouldn't be expected to sit still like little drones for 8 hours or more a day. It's just

not normal. If taking meds is the new "normal", we really have created a problem that we'll be seeing the true effects of now 

in our current and soon to be "twenty somethings".  I hope we aren't disappointed in the resuts, and I hope the people responsible for the results are willing to admit what they've done..... 

I do agree saymyname that there is less activity in many schools. We are lucky to live in a small town where PE and Recess still are going strong. Kids are allowed to be kids, and in Middle School if they do not wish to participate in the games being played, they walk the track during PE. 


There is no excuse to medicate before looking at lifestyle changes and more. Medication should be a last resort when all other options are exhausted. Good for you for standing up for what was right for your child!

I do not know the details in your country but non Conformity is not welcome anywhere. Attempts to silence people like St Francis by declaring them mad were common in the past. I think attempts to make us all the same by medicine or other means is wrong. . But remember what was ban in one generation often becomes the norm in the next and the government is expected to enforce it. eg free milk,  and sport.

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