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Ray Bradbury

Posted by MamaJean , 05 December 2013 · 1,397 views

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Fahrenheit 451. My first Ray Bradbury love.

Discussion about the end of the world and a particular old episode of Twilight Zone in the thread http://foolmoon.com/...ment-with-feds/ immediately brought Ray Bradbury into my mind and reminded me of one of my first loved authors.

I was in Junior High or maybe early high school when I randomly picked this one up to try at the library. Or maybe it was on someone's bookshelf who let me borrow it. I am not sure, but it was fantastic.

It has been so long, I think I will pick it up once more. To see how much of Ray Bradbury's "predicted" future really stands true.....

Haven't explored his works? It is worth your time. But, read this particular one above in a physical copy. An electronic book of Fahrenheit 451 just wouldn't do.

Seriously.   ::whistle::

I remember being amused at the schools who banned the book, which of course increased its popularity.


I will have to re-read it and refresh my memory about Clarisse, among other things.

Fahrenheit 451 was banned?  I wonder why.


I recall the plot of the book, it's about our dystopian future in which books and knowledge are not allowed to the common people, in order to control them better and keep them docile and stupid. All discovered books are burned by a special squad.


A small group of rebels attempts to collect and preserve any and all books they can find by assigning each book to be memorized by a person, word for word.  One of the book-burning squad meets a pretty gal who's into illegal books, and she converts him to become a book-memorizer.


Plots in 30 seconds. :)


I would have thought that the love of books would be something schools would want to promote, no?

Most of the schools who banned the book claimed it was because of the language used, rather than the content.

Oh, well, banning language is okay.Me think words hurt much.

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