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Zippered Pants And Neon

Posted by MamaJean , 07 January 2013 · 3,319 views

I've seen the 80's come and go several times over the years, but 2012/2013 brought the 80's back BIG time. I am blinded by the neon, and dumbfounded by the multi-zippered pants along with the skinny ankled ones which make anyone look like they have too much junk in their trunk (if you know what I mean) These styles should have been dead and BURIED.

It was difficult to buy athletic shoes which were not neon orange, pink, green AND blue! It's a riot to see some 60 something rockin' a pair of these babies.

So, what I want to see is the bigassed hair. If they are going to bring back parachute pants and colored hair and legwarmers, they gotta go ALLLL the way. Bigassed hair, White Rain and Spirals.

At the mall, teen girls are wearing many of the same styles we did back then. Someone should show them pictures so they can see how BAD they look. We didn't have that luxury.

Hey, I think I have some old 'jewelry' around. Wonder how much they would pay for my stuff? Shiny teal earrings anyone?  Better yet, I could wear them again. Just to be COOL.

I think I have some Tretorn shoes somewhere.....with PLAID. Check it out......NO, I haven't saved them for 30 years. I bought them a few years ago.  :P

I shoulda kept those green Chucks. Damn.

What is the word for COOL now anyway?

Mamajean. I agree that fashions of today are going back. I think I am too old to wear  ZIpped pants but I do wear atetic shoooes. I suspect teenagers wear these fashins thinking thery are new.


You can solve your fashion woes by shopping at Good Will thrift stores and those western cowboy places. Can't find it there? Try the Army-Navy store.

BTW, we are way ahead of the rest of the country when it comes to big hair. Our TV preachers have the biggest and best big hair on the planet. Want big hair? Come to Oklahoma.

Been there. I ran away.

Nov 15 2013 06:07 PM

[font="georgia, serif;"]I have also noticed the trend in the music.  I heard a song by the Killers...not a band I know well but it took me back to the 80s.  I rather liked it![/font]

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